Become a Trader

Traders can trade on a casual basis at the Bull Ring Rag Market or the Bull Ring Open Market by attending on the morning of each market day to see if there are any empty stalls available. Traders need to be at the Markets Customer Centre by no later than 8.30am for a stall on the Open Market and no later than 9am for a stall in the Rag Market. All casual traders must complete a Casual Registration Form which is used to record their personal details and every time they have attended for a casual stall. This can be completed on the first morning the trader attends.

To complete a Casual Registration Form you will need :

A passport or photo driving licence must be seen along with proof of the traders address such as bank statements and gas/electric/water/telephone bills.

Public Liability Insurance
All traders must carry Third Party Public Liability insurance to indemnify themselves from claims for personal injury. This insurance can be obtained from most insurance brokers or through specialised bodies such as the National Market Traders Federation.

National Insurance
The trader national insurance number must be provided.

A recent photograph of the trader is required. This is kept on file for reference purposes.

PLEASE NOTE Traders may be refused a stall if they do not carry one or all of the items stated above.

Each market day, a Market Officer will compile a list of all the casual traders in attendance, in order of priority. Preference will be based on the number of attendances and/or the rarity of the goods being sold.

Once the list is compiled, a survey of the market is carried out to identify any available stalls. These are then distributed to the traders based on their priority.

Telephone 0121 303 0208 (Mon-Fri) or

Will I automatically be allocated a stall as a casual trader?
We do try to accommodate all casual traders. However, due to the limited number of stalls available and the number of casual traders attending each day this is not always possible.

How and where do I pay my rent?
The rent is collected from the stalls on a daily basis. (Please ensure you have sufficient funds to pay on request).

Can I sell anything on the stall?
There are some restricted lines e.g. alcohol and cigarettes are not allowed on any of the daily markets.

Seasonal Restrictions – September to January: Greeting cards, wrapping paper, toys, jewellery, Christmas lines. Consideration may be given in these areas if the line is new to our Markets or under-represented.

Can I have a catering stall/pitch?
All allocated spaces for catering are taken. Therefore, we are not taking new catering traders at present.

For information on current stall charges please CLICK HERE